Coway Air Purifier

Coway air purifier is suitable for all places including home and offices. Coway air purifier does not only trap fine particles in the air but also eliminates odor, remove harmful gases, kill germs and bacteria to produce the safest and highest air quality.

Why do you need Coway air purifier?

  • To improve air quality and create a healthier home.
  • To eliminate bad odors from your house. 
  • To reduce the risk of allergy and flu due to germs and bacteria in the air.
  • To combat the everlasting and dangerous haze.

Coway Air Purifier

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Coway Lombok

Lombok II AP-1511FH

6 stage purification system: Pre-Filter, Legionella, Anti-Flu HEPA, RBD Plasma, Catalyst, AC Deodorization.

Coway Aires

Aires AP-1009CH

3 stage purification system: Pre-Filter, A3 Medium, HEPA. 

coway dolomities

Dolomities AP-1008CH

3 stage purification system: Pre-Filter, Anti Virus, HEPA.

cowa tuba

Tuba AP-3008FH

5 stage purification system: Pre-Filter, Medium, Anti-Microbial, Deodorization, Anti-Flu HEPA. Big coverage area, suitable for office, restaurant, classroom and large area. 

Why buy Coway Air Purifier?

+ Free installation
+ Free warranty
+ Free service
+ Free filter replacement and insllation
+ Fast and easy registration

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013 2600116 - Azril Coway
013 2600116 - Azril Coway
013 2600116 - Azril Coway

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