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Coway offers great product suitable for your home, office, school, restaurant or anywhere you like. Now, with these 3 simple steps, you can have this amazing Coway as early as 3-5 days! Order online today!

STEP 1: Choose your preferred water filter. 

[tabs][tab title="Alkaline Water"]alkaline coway water filter[/tab] [tab title="RO Water"]

villaem coway water filter

Core coway water filter[/tab] [tab title="Mineral Water"]Neo coway water filter[/tab][/tabs]

STEP 2: Choose to BUY or RENT. (Note: Price shown are before discounts)

[tabs][tab title="Buy"]

Inception RM7500
Villaem RM3800
Core RM4600
Neo RM3550


[tab title="Buy - 0% credit card installment"]

Inception RM312.50 x 24 month
Villaem RM159.33 x 24 month
Core RM191.67 x 24 month
Neo RM147.92 x 24 month


[tab title="Rent"]

Inception RM195/month
Villaem RM125/month
Core RM140/month
Neo RM115/month

[/tab] [/tabs]

STEP 3: Fill in the form below and I will contact you for the next step.

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For any inquiries, please Call/SMS/Whatsapp 

013 2600116 - Azril Coway
013 2600116 - Azril Coway
013 2600116 - Azril Coway

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